Besides the obvious goal of making commission when they recommend your business, your Resellers are motivated to run their business efficiently and serve their customers well.

Since they can send a lot of business your way, it’s important that Tour Operators help them achieve those goals. Here’s what they want and how you can help:

1. To inspire customers

Resellers like Travel Agents and Concierges want to be able to inspire their customers to do something fun with their day by showing them engaging content. This means that based on who their customers are, they’ll give them a couple choices that suit their needs.¬†For example, a zoo for a family, or skydiving for young adventurers.

Give it to them:

Tell your Agents who your tour is for, and give them multimedia (photos and/or videos) of that target audience enjoying your tour, so that they can show it to their customers.

2. For customers to have a good time

Since they’re recommending your tour or activity, they want to make sure that their customer has nothing short of an amazing time. If they get feedback that the experience was bad, they will probably not recommend you in the future, because it makes them look bad.

Give it to them:

Show your Resellers reviews made by your past customers to back up your claims. Encourage them to share these with their customers. This shows the family or adventurous couple that other people like them enjoyed your tour or activity.

Also, if your Reseller receives negative feedback, they will at least see that most of your customers have only good things to say.

3. The ability to book any time

Travel Agents and Concierges want the ease of booking at any time, even if you aren’t available. It can be hard trying to get through to you over the phone just to check whether something is available, especially if you’re busy and they have a customer waiting on your answer.

Give it to them:

Give your Resellers an easy way to book with you through an automated online booking software. That way you don’t even have to take their call – they can easily log in to check availability and lock in a booking.

4. Good commission tracking

Travel Agents and Concierges want to know that they’re getting paid the correct amount for the job they’re doing. After all, they’re sending bookings straight to your door.

Give it to them:

You should have a Reseller reporting capability as part of your booking management process. It should be available with your online booking software so that everything is noted in black and white. That way there’s no room for human error, and you avoid disputes over commission.

If you don’t have tour booking software that allows you to manage your Resellers, why not take a free trial of Rezdy?

You can also download our free ebook to keep learning about distributing your tourism products:

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