Nation branding is an important strategic tool for tour operators who want to offer experiences that embody the values of their country.

Campaigns that aim to market a nation’s desirability have become part of the global tourism landscape, offering insights into what life is like in a particular country. Many of these campaigns have been launched by governments or with official backing, aiming to increase tourism and promote economic growth.

These campaigns go beyond marketing a country’s cities, hotels, and attractions to tourists. Instead, it aims to shape international perceptions of the country, encouraging tourism through a nation’s heritage, culture, and natural beauty.

What is nation branding?

Nation branding definitions vary, but it can generally be thought of as a process where marketing strategies are applied to various aspects of a country to promote it on a global scale.

Nation branding differs from destination marketing and city marketing by focusing on the country as a whole, rather than on specific locations within a nation. The campaigns tend to focus on the country’s politics, culture, exports, and people.

Australia New Zealand tourism trends

The objective of these campaigns is to attract tourists, investors, and potential residents, while enhancing diplomacy, promoting cultural traditions, and boosting economic development.

Nation branding can be combined with either destination branding or destination marketing techniques, to incentivize a large number of visitors in a short period of time, or to improve the tourism experience of a nation over a longer period of time.

A successful national branding campaign combines several elements.


The branding of a particular nation can significantly impact the tourism it receives, creating a desirable image of the country. Nation branding campaigns usually feature iconic landmarks, unique cultural experiences and examples of luxurious hospitality. These elements are often promoted on social media, prompting immediate engagement across multiple channels.


Culture lies at the heart of many nation branding campaigns. Showcasing the heritage and traditions of a particular country to the world is a powerful statement that can prompt tourists to experience the local culture on their next trip. Cultural elements of nation branding include festivals and exhibitions that highlight the history of a particular country.

culture is a crucial element of nation branding


A nation branding strategy can also enhance the economy of a country. It may prompt increased foreign investment or trade opportunities between nations. Usually, economic growth is tied to a campaign around technology, fashion or manufacturing. For some countries, a simple label denoting a product has been made in a particular country may be enough to signal to buyers the perceived quality of the item, and promote consumer trust.


Diplomatic relations can be enhanced as a result of nation branding. A campaign may prompt nations to begin working together politically, strengthening their ties through cultural and economic avenues. Effectively marketing large international events, such as the Olympics and World Expos, with reference to both nations can strengthen diplomatic partnerships on the world stage.

Successful nation branding examples

Below are three successful examples of nation branding, each promoting a different aspect of their country’s offerings.

Incredible India

Launched by the Indian Government directly, Incredible India highlighted the rich culture and heritage of the nation. It presented the dynamism of Indian life with high-quality visuals, emotive messaging, and celebrity endorsements. Promoting the campaign on a range of channels attracted tourists interested in experiencing adventure, culture, and spirituality.

100% Pure New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand created a campaign to promote their country as clean, green, and untouched. It emphasized the natural beauty and traditional cultures of New Zealand, and combined them with new sustainable policies. The campaign was not only successful for its storytelling and use of imagery, but also for its strategic partnership with pop-culture icons, including the novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia was initiated by the Estonian government, capitalizing on the growing digital expertise of the country. Building on the already successful E-Residency program, Enterprise Estonia invited foreigners to launch their new businesses in Estonia, fostering a sense of community and highlighting the technical innovation present in the nation at the time. The campaign was also successful due to the rapidly growing audience it appealed to.

Why is nation branding important? How it affects tour operators

Nation branding has the potential to impact tour operators by influencing how people see a particular nation. As a tour operator, it is then your job to ensure your experiences live up to the expectations of your customers, aligning with the positioning of your nation brand on a global scale. The following list details some of the characteristics of nation brands tour operators should consider when designing their own marketing materials:

Market perception & destination choice

Tourists may choose to visit your country based on a piece of nation branding content they have seen. Your offerings should include elements of the nation branding campaign in your country, to help avoid disappointing tourists and encourage repeat patronage.

Alignment with national image

Nation brands create a global image for your country. Ensure your tourism offerings live up to this image, with elements such as sustainability, technical innovation or cultural references.

Impact on offerings

The themes and narratives in a nation brand may inspire you to develop new offerings that better reflect the national characteristics of your country. You may choose to use elements of place marketing or destination marketing in your new offerings, to help further your nation and promote your local area.

Collaboration opportunities

Why is nation branding important

Nation brands allow tour operators to collaborate with governments, tourism boards and event organizers. This may lead to new advertising opportunities for your brand, including trade shows or combined marketing campaigns.

Repeat business

Delivering customers an experience that meets their expectations may encourage them to revisit your nation in the future. If they do return, customers will remember your brand for the memorable experience you provided them.

How tour operators can use nation branding

Tour operators can use elements of their national brand in a variety of ways, incorporating themes, slogans and imagery to tell a story about their nation. They may also design specific tour packages to allow customers to experience the culture and heritage of their nation.

Nation branding provides an opportunity for tour operators to be a part of national initiatives, including public holidays and cultural festivities.

Conveying the messages of a nation branding campaign has never been easier. Digital platforms allow you to reach your audience almost instantly. New content forms, such as Reels and Shorts, and messaging tactics, like hashtags, allow you to get creative when incorporating elements of nation branding in your campaigns.

Emphasize your culture with nation branding

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