Choosing the right online booking system for your tour and activity company ultimately boils down to discovering the right features within the system you are considering. With a plethora of features available, how do you know which ones will benefit your business the most? We broke it down for you.

Here’s the must-have features that you need in your online booking system:

Real-Time Booking

Real-time booking is not only critical for travelers who want to book directly with you, but also for those distribution agents who utilize your channel manager. With real-time booking,e you are always broadcasting your live availability and you minimize the risk of overbooking your tours.

A Visible ‘Book Now’ Button

Increasing your direct bookings boils down to having a simple and prominent “Book Now” button displayed on all of your website landing pages. This button attracts the attention of your target customers and encourages them to finalize their bookings as quickly as possible. It’s a simple feature that provides huge returns for your company.

Consolidated and Automated Communications

With the right online booking system, you will be able to find all of your customer communications in one convenient portal. This decreases the risk of forgetting to respond to a customer, or missing a message entirely. In addition, your booking system should allow you to schedule automatic communications with all of your travelers. Automated communications software ensures that all customers experience a streamlined booking experience without unnecessary delays or technological errors.

Resource Manager

One of the greatest challenges for tour and activity operators is managing resources effectively. Knowing how many tour busses you need on any given day can be difficult without the right booking system in place. A resource manager reserves the equipment that is necessary for any given day, ensuring that you have everything you need for your travelers when they arrive.

Simple Web Integration

A seamless web integration process is necessary for keeping your calendar and availability up-to-date, and it allows you to promote your products effectively to your target market segments.

Social Booking Options

Any online booking system is going to provide you with direct booking capabilities through your website, but only premier systems include social booking options as well. You should offer a “Book Now” button on Facebook, TripAdvisor and other powerful social networking sites.

Cloud-Based Technology

Without a cloud-based online booking system, you are still stuck in your office every day. Cloud-based technology allows you to take your business on the go, and gives you a chance to access your daily manifest and customer communications from your smart phone or tablet device.

Rezdy is the only online booking system designed specifically for tour and activity operators. Not only does it have all of these absolutely necessary features, but it also offers many more additional features that will allow you to streamline your administrative tasks while also increasing your direct bookings. To find out more information about Rezdy and how all of its incredible features can enhance your tour and activity company, begin your free trial now.

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