Your tour and activity company offers a unique niche to your community and its visitors. As the one and only company that offers whale watching tours in the local area, you don’t have to worry about direct competition and you might think that you don’t need an extensive distribution strategy, like working with a good agent.

However, there are many benefits to allowing agents to resell your tours and activities. The key is choosing the right agents to work with, and there are certain characteristics that stand out amongst the best in the industry.

5 Characteristics that Make a Good Agent

1. Ability to sell high volume. An agent that works for your business will sell your tours and activities to their customers on a regular basis. If you have several agents that sell your tours frequently, you can consider creating a preferred partnership with them. This will continue to motivate them to book your tours.

2. Offers a fully incremental distribution channel. Consider working with agents who have access to customers you would not otherwise have access to. For example, working with an agent that has access to students from another region that are interested in traveling. You would not otherwise be able to reach out to these students unless you had a connection through this agent, making this a fully incremental distribution channel.

3. A favorable commission rate. A commission rate is considered favorable for a tour operator when the cheapest way to acquire a customer is paying an agent commission instead of investing in marketing. You want to keep your return of investment reasonably high.

4. Generates last-minute bookings for your brand. The agents that book your tours at the last minute in order to sell out your resources, subsequently driving up demand and allowing you to create more opportunities to sell tours and activities.

5. Promotes your business with their own marketing plan. Many agents will provide their customers with recommendations for tour and activity companies they have booked with previously. The best agents market your products for you, and allow you to increase direct bookings from your website through their promotions. This helps you save money on your own marketing costs, and proves that it is critical to include third party agents as part of your distribution strategy.

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In turn, tour operators can attract great agents by offering them real time availability. The most influential agents in the industry want to work with tour providers who offer real-time booking across all of their distribution channels.

Rezdy is an online booking system designed for tour and activity providers that offers a marketplace for tour operators and agents, making it easier than ever to book tours and activities across various channels in real time. In addition to automating the booking process, Rezdy also allows agents to instantly earn their commission when they book through the system. To begin making partnerships with the best agents in the industry, start your free trial of Rezdy today.

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