What is GetYourGuide?

Updated October 2022 GetYourGuide is the premier booking platform for incredible travel experiences. The curated, two-sided B2C online marketplace connects travelers with thousands of activities and attractions worldwide. Since its launch in 2009, GetYourGuide has raised more than $650 million and sold over 30 million tickets.

Customers can find your products on GetYourGuide in two different ways — either by searching by location or by specific attraction. Read on to discover why this function helps you reach a larger audience and increases your chances of increasing your bookings.

Distribute your products differently

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When people are looking for things to do in a particular location, they don’t usually search for specific activities such as cooking classes, sightseeing or guided tours, etc. Rather, they usually search for the location and then find a list of available activities in that location. For example, if you are a river cruise operator on the Hudson River, there are likely to be far more people searching for ‘things to do in New York’ than specifically for ‘cruises on the Hudson River.’

As we said above, listing your products based on more general criteria such as the location could boost your audience. This mostly includes people who didn’t even know that you exist. If your Hudson River cruise appears in GetYourGuide’s New York list, these people can find you much more easily. Additionally, GetYourGuide lists activities linked with certain landmarks as well. Your Hudson River cruise could appear under the Statue of Liberty or Manhattan Skyline entries because it gives spectacular views of them both.

Why operators should consider becoming a Get Your Guide supplier?

Reach a larger audience

First of all, like with any other OTA (Online Travel Agent), GetYourGuide can put your tours and activities in front of a much larger number of people. GetYourGuide receives on average 2.5 million visitors per month from all over the world. Consider how that compares to how much traffic your own website receives. Also bear in mind that GetYourGuide’s website traffic comes from everywhere. That’s the power of top online travel agencies – anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can potentially find your product.

Additionally, as is the case with every OTA, GetYourGuide is a highly competent marketing machine. They know how to get more customers more quickly and cheaply than you could on your own. Furthermore, you can benefit from their online marketing and retargeting campaigns.

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The example above is the first response to the very general search term ‘things to do in New York. If you’re a Get Your Guide supplier based in New York, you can see how a customer could arrive at your listing very quickly after a very broad search.

Speak to people

GetYourGuide supports several different languages and currencies, which means they speak to people in familiar terms, no matter where they come from. This familiarity gives people a great deal of comfort when they are searching for activities in an unknown city. If your activities are listed in these familiar terms, people will feel more comfortable booking your tours through GetYourGuide.

GetYourGuide also has tips about when is the best time of year to travel to certain places, as well as helpful information about that country. This has made them become a brand that travelers perceive as one that looks out for its customers.

Reach people in more places

It’s a well-known trend that people are increasingly using mobile devices – phones and tablets – to search for information. The travel industry is no exception to this trend. GetYourGuide has an app for both Android and iOS, which means you can jump on board the mobile trend. Better yet, they have already done all the work to make the content mobile-friendly – you don’t have to.

Reach different people

GetYourGuide could help you to realize what’s called a Fully Incremental Distribution Channel. This is essentially a distribution channel that lets you reach people you might not have reached otherwise by approaching them differently. A lot of people who visit a certain location don’t book activities until they are already there. This is because they don’t always know what there is to do in that location.

If you run a river cruise on the Hudson River, people might not know that a river cruise is what they want to do that day, they just know that they are in New York and they want to do something. Because of this, having your activity listed based on the fact that it’s in New York means that when they go to the GYG  app and select New York, your activity will appear in front of them. This will prompt them to think that a river cruise would be fantastic and they want to do that. You can capture that audience without them even needing to look for you specifically.

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The other way GetYourGuide can reach customers is similar to the location-based way but focuses on specific landmarks. To remain with the Hudson River cruise example, from the Hudson River there are spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline – both iconic New York landmarks. GetYourGuide has an option for people to search for a specific landmark such as the Statue of Liberty. If you include it in your product description that your activity involves spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, it can appear listed under that attraction as well – another potential audience you can capture.

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How to become a Get Your Guide supplier

Before partnering with an online travel agency such as GetYourGuide, there are a few things you need to be aware of and able to provide them. There is no guarantee that every tour and activity provider will be listed, but if you can provide the points listed below, it will go a long way toward improving your chances.

Offer real-time availability

GetYourGuide offers its customers real-time booking confirmation. This means you need to be able to provide bookable spots for your tours or activity in real-time. You’ll also need to be able to update your availability in real-time as it changes.

No cutoffs – short minimum notice

Allow last-minute bookings and specify how many hours before the tour starts your customers can book. Due to the nature of GetYourGuide’s users, they receive a lot of last-minute bookings. So it’s beneficial for them that you keep your cut-off as close to the start time as possible. Of course, you need enough time to prepare for your tour, however, try to keep your minimum notice as close to the starting time as possible.

A strong connection

Not only in technical but also in the customer experience. For starters, your booking system should have a solid API integration with GetYourGuide. You’d want to avoid manual work as much as possible. When sharing your availability with GetYourGuide, you want the booking information pushed into your booking software, so it automatically populates your CRM, sales reports, and manifest. This will avoid lost customers and makes it easy to keep control over your bookings, even when it’s a large volume.

Accept bookings 2 years in advance

Schedule your availability for 2 years and make sure people can book 2 years in advance. It’s good practice to make sure all your availability is published across as many channels as possible, but make sure it’s also available for a long time – the earlier you fill up your tours the better. GetYourGuide attracts a lot of people exploring your destination. Travelers want to know what they’ll get to experience in your destination before they book their hotels and tours. Some travelers take up to 2 years to prepare for their trips, so make sure you always have the availability to attract them to your destination. Of course, as we said, short-term availability is important as well, but it’s best to cater to as wide a range of booking behaviors as possible.

Pictures, beautiful pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words and makes your product stand out from the rest. Be aware that your product is listed next to your competitors and the best picture is likely to win the booking. Having nice, high-resolution pictures and videos will help you stand out. Doing so will make your listing look professional, no matter where it’s being promoted.

Detailed product descriptions

It’s perfectly acceptable to have your product listed on multiple OTAs such s Viator or Tripadvisor. However, you need to have different descriptions for your product on each of them. Spend some time writing a special tour description for your tour specifically for GetYourGuide’s listing. This is because of curation. OTAs want unique descriptions because they are easier to get to the top of the list of search engine responses. Look at the listings already on GetYourGuide and use this format. Don’t have any weird formatting, inconsistent symbols, special offers, or your email address in the product description when you submit it.

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Why use Rezdy to become a Get Your Guide supplier

There are 3 main reasons why you want to integrate a reservation system such as Rezdy with GetYourGuide:

Firstly, when you receive a booking from GetYourGuide, your work has only just started. They’ll send you the customer information and the booking details, but you’ll need to manually import them into your manifest, reports, and CRM. With Rezdy, all of this information is automatically pushed to all of these platforms. This saves you time and also ensures that you never make a mistake, forget a customer or forget a payment.

Secondly, your distribution network can be as big or as small as you want – you can partner with 1, 10, or 100 agents if you want. However, the more agents you have, the more work it takes to keep your availability up to date across all of them and to update it as it changes. Using Rezdy’s Channel Manager functionality this process is simplified and automated. You update your availability in one place and it is pushed to all of your partner agents in real-time. This lets you manage a larger distribution network much more easily, saving you time and letting you maximize your capacity.

And lastly, Rezdy is acknowledged as a PREMIUM partner in GetYourGuide’s Connectivity Partner Program which acknowledges the best-performing reservation and ticketing systems in the industry. It provides suppliers who are already using the Rezdy platform to make their products available in real-time not only on GetYourGuide’s website but also through GetYourGuide affiliates from all over the world.


Using an online booking software like Rezdy will give a higher chance of getting accepted to becoming a GetYourGuide Supplier. This is due to Rezdy’s key features that Get Your Guide prioritizes. These features include a real-time availability viewer, a strong API connection, the option to include add-ons, and the ability to accept last-minute bookings. Furthermore, by using Rezdy’s advanced and innovative system, you’ll also be simplifying your business operations – saving you time, money, headaches, and hassles all while allowing you to increase your booking levels.

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