Updated January 2023Are you a tour and activity operator looking to diversify your distribution channel, increase your visibility, and in turn, increase your revenue? Becoming a GetYourGuide supplier is one avenue that will allow you to connect your business with more online customers. 

Within this article, we will touch on what GetYourGuide is and what they offer. We’ll also answer all of your pressing GetYourGuide questions, such as: 

  • What is GetYourGuide? 
  • What are the Get Your Guide benefits?
  • What are the Get Your Guide requirements?
  • How do I become a supplier to Get Your Guide? 
  • How to open a GetYourGuide supplier account?

What is GetYourGuide?

GetYourGuide supplier

GetYourGuide is a premier booking platform that allows guests to research and book travel experiences based on their geographical location. GetYourGuide re-sells experiences from tour operators and simplifies the research process for guests. This innovative online marketplace helps customers book everything from cooking classes, multi-day tours, and even cultural experiences. By bringing all of these local experiences to one place, GetYourGuide provides customers with a collection of various experiences. 

A powerhouse in the industry, since GetYourGuide’s launch in 2009, the company has raised more than $650 million, acquiring two of its competitors along the way. GetYourGuide’s listings span 2,500+ destinations and contain more than 33,000 listings. Furthermore, the company’s main website attracts nearly 5 million monthly visitors.

How GetYourGuide works

Before embarking on a holiday, travelers generally use Google to search for activities within the destination. These searches are usually generic such as “things to do in New York” rather than “Hudson River cruise”.  Well, with GetYourGuide, your potential customers can do the same and will be presented with a variety of unique tours and activities within that area. This enables them to find your listings by doing a broad search on its platform.

getyourguide landmarks

getyourguide locations

GetYourGuide also lists activities via landmarks, so going back to the Hudson River Cruise example, this activity may also show up under searches for the Statue of Liberty or Manhattan Skyline entries. 

On the supplier end of things, GetYourGuide helps suppliers reach global consumers through a network of more than 1,000 distribution partners. Get Your Guide fees are incorporated into the final price displayed to customers on the website, allowing suppliers to set their prices. As GetYourGuide’s main revenue comes from these supplier commission fees, the GetYourGuide team is extremely supplier-focused. This can be seen by the ease of connectivity with various booking platforms and an app that helps track booking performance for suppliers.

Why operators should consider becoming a Get Your Guide supplier?

By signing up to become a Get Your Guide supplier, your business will be able to expand without the upfront marketing costs. By simply adding the Get Your Guide commission to your product upon checkout, your business will reach new heights without much upfront time investment. After all, we think it’s safe to assume that you didn’t get into the tourism industry to spend too much time behind a desk. Below are some of the benefits of becoming a Get Your Guide supplier.

Increase your exposure and reach

First of all, like with any other OTA (Online Travel Agent), GetYourGuide can put your tours and activities in front of a much larger number of people. GetYourGuide receives on average 2.5 million visitors per month from all over the world. Consider how that compares to how much traffic your own website receives. Also bear in mind that GetYourGuide’s website traffic is global. That’s the power of top online travel agencies – anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can potentially find your product.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of of the platform’s 22 language option that will have you attracting even more international customers.

Additionally, as is the case with every OTA, GetYourGuide is a highly competent marketing machine. By partnering with Get Your Guide, you’ll benefit tremendously from their online marketing and retargeting campaigns.

getyourguide google ad

The example above is the first response to the very general search term ‘things to do in New York. If you’re a Get Your Guide supplier based in New York, you can see how a customer could arrive at your listing very quickly after a very broad search.

Access powerful tools to manage your listings

The GetYourGuide team prioritizes suppliers, which can be seen in the highly sophisticated booking platform they have chosen as preferred partners. GetYourGuide has announced preferred partners for managing your bookings; Redzy is included in this preferred partner selection. By choosing Rezdy to plug into GetYourGuide, you can take advantage of:

  • Real-time availability viewer
  • A strong API connection
  • The option for add-ons
  • Technology to allow last-minute bookings 

You can also take advantage of GetYourGuide’s free product optimization and translation services

Get dedicated support from the GetYourGuide team

GetYourGuide has extensive information available on its supplier support webpage. With articles focused on managing your account, key insights, analytics, creating and editing products, and many more popular questions. Additionally, webinars are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. This information makes it easy to sign up for GetYourGuide and manage your account.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the team via their contact form or jump onto GetYourGuide’s social media platforms and start a chat with somebody from the team.

Collaborate with other businesses on GetYourGuide

Collaborate on joint experiences and work alongside other suppliers to build tourism partnerships. Join with complimentary suppliers to create unforgettable experiences for your shared customers. Beyond that, you’ll be able to partner with technology partners as well as take advantage of GetYourGuide’s‘ suggested’ activities found beneath other similar offers.

How to get listed on GetYourGuide

If you are convinced that partnering with GetYourGuide may be the best move for your business, take a look at the prerequisites below to confirm that you are ready to apply.

Ensure you offer real-time availability

GetYourGuide provides customers with real-time confirmation of their bookings. In other words, you must provide tours or activities that can be booked in real-time. It’s also necessary for your activity to be up to date through backend integrations with real-time availability

Allow last-minute bookings for customers

Give your customers the option to make last-minute reservations and specify how long before the tour starts they can book. GetYourGuide receives plenty of last-minute bookings due to the nature of its users. This means it’s essential that your business has the back-end integration to manage last-minute bookings. It also means you will likely get more bookings if you keep your cut-off as close as possible to the start time. tour booking software

Allow bookings two years in advance

Some travelers plan their trips years in advance, so as well as short-term availability, it’s also wise to cater for bookings way into the future. Ensure your tour booking software allows people to book two years in advance by scheduling your availability for two years. It’s smart to make your availability available on as many channels as possible, but also make sure it remains available for a long time – the earlier your tours fill up, the better. 

Keep your databases and forms well integrated

Rezdy’s direct integration with GetYourGuide means that all bookings and forms are placed directly into your existing systems. Forget unnecessary double entries of data. Your customer’s personal information and form data will appear directly within your Rezdy account, saving countless hours and administrative costs. 

Write detailed product descriptions

Get Your Guide benefits

There is no problem with your product being listed on more than one OTA, such as Viator or TripAdvisor. In each case, however, you will need to have different product descriptions. Make sure you write a unique tour description for GetYourGuide’s listing. This is because of curation. The reason why OTAs prefer unique descriptions is that they are easier to rank in search engine results. Take a look at the listings on GetYourGuide and use this format. Ensure the product description doesn’t contain weird formatting, inconsistent symbols, special offers, or your email address. If you need more information, check out our blog here; product descriptions that convert. 

Add high-resolution pictures to listings

A picture speaks a thousand words and sets your product apart from others. Remember that your product appears alongside your competitors, and whichever photo attracts potential customers will likely receive a booking. It will help you stand out if you have nice, high-quality photos and videos. In this way, you’ll make your listing look professional everywhere it’s promoted.

Apply to become a Get Your Guide supplier

By filling out a Get Your Guide application, your business is on its way to expanding. Getting started is easy. In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes. Simply fill out this form, registering your interest in becoming a supplier. To apply, you can write a small description of your company, explaining what makes you stand out and what you offer. Then GetYourGuide will review your company, offerings, business registration and insurance. That’s it!

how do I become a supplier to get your guide

How Rezdy can help you become a Get Your Guide supplier

There are 3 main reasons how Rezdy can help you get connected with GetYourGuide and how our software can help you stay on top of the bookings that start to roll in once connected.


Firstly, when you receive a booking from GetYourGuide, your work has only just started. They’ll send you the customer information and the booking details, but you’ll need to manually import them into your manifest, reports, and CRM. With Rezdy, all of this information is automatically pushed to all of these platforms. This saves you time and also ensures that you never make a mistake, forget a customer or forget a payment.

These types of efficiency and features is what GetYourGuide looks for during the application process.

Manage your distribution network efficiently

Secondly, your distribution network can be as big or as small as you want – you can partner with 1, 10, or 100 agents if you want. However, the more agents you have, the more work it takes to keep your availability up to date across all of them and to update it as it changes. Using Rezdy’s Channel Manager functionality this process is instead simplified and automated.

You update your availability in one place and it is pushed to all of your partner agents in real time. This lets you manage a larger distribution network much more easily, saving you time and letting you maximize your capacity.

Rezdy is a GetYourGuide Premium Connectivity Partner

And lastly, Rezdy is acknowledged as a PREMIUM partner in GetYourGuide’s Connectivity Partner Program which acknowledges the best-performing reservation and ticketing systems in the industry. It provides suppliers who are already using the Rezdy platform to make their products available in real-time not only on GetYourGuide’s website but also through GetYourGuide affiliates from all over the world.

Rezdy has been awarded this title for the third time in a row within the past three years – an achievement only awarded to the top 4 out of the 150 GetYourGuide partners.


Using an online booking software like Rezdy will give you a higher chance of getting accepted to becoming a GetYourGuide Supplier. This is due to Rezdy’s key features that Get Your Guide prioritizes. These features include a real-time availability viewer, a strong API connection, the option to include add-ons, and the ability to accept last-minute bookings. Furthermore, by using Rezdy’s advanced system, you’ll also be simplifying your business operations. This will allow you to save time, money, headaches, and hassles all while allowing you to increase your booking levels.

Are you ready to increase and boost your booking levels with Rezdy? Start a FREE 21-day trial or book a demo so you can test-drive a high-quality reservation technology for yourself.

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