As a tour and activity company, you need to use a variety of platforms in order to promote your products and increase your brand awareness amongst a global audience. This requires you to not only have an optimized, responsive website, but to also engage with your customers on popular social networking sites. TripAdvisor is one of the most well-known and popular online review sites, and it’s critical that you develop a presence on it. TripAdvisor widgets allow you to add content from your online review profile to your tour and activity website.

What are TripAdvisor Widgets?

These widgets are tools that are available through TripAdvisor that allow you to add content from your TripAdvisor profile to your business website. For example, you can use a TripAdvisor widget in order to stream your latest reviews and comments directly to your website. Ultimately, these widgets are used to bridge your TripAdvisor account with your website, encouraging customers to do all of their research in one location and ultimately book directly with you.

Which Widgets Could Improve Your Website?

There are many widgets to choose from on the TripAdvisor page, so it’s important that you select the ones that are best for your business and for your target audience. Here’s a few popular TripAdvisor widgets to consider:

  • Review Widget — This widget allows you to display the latest reviews your customers have posted about your tour and activity company. It’s a great way to give your customers the objective feedback they crave and value without forcing them to leave your website.
  • Awards Widget — This widget displays the awards you have received on the TripAdvisor page, including the coveted Certificate of Excellence award.
  • Feedback Widget — This widget encourages your customers to leave a review on your TripAdvisor page. They don’t even have to leave your website in order to submit their feedback.

How to Add Widgets to Your Website

A simple HTML code is inserted into your website coding in order to add the widget to your page. If you don’t do the HTML for your website, you can request that TripAdvisor e-mail the code to your preferred web design professional.

Your website has endless potential, and it’s one of your most powerful marketing tools. Travellers heavily rely on online research in order to make decisions about their upcoming trips, and they are going to want to verify your claims by browsing online reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. By incorporating these widgets onto your website, you will decrease your bounce rate and improve your conversions.

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