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Rezdy is an online scheduling system that gives you control of your tour bookings 24/7, so you’re always happy.

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<h2 style=Don’t let timezones hold you back from doing business."/>

Don’t let timezones hold you back from doing business.

Clients will want to book their tours online at all times of they day, from all parts of the world. But Rezdy’s intuitive online scheduling software will keep you ahead of the game.

Manage bookings online from anywhere, at anytime, using any device. Scheduling bookings and accepting payments for clients across the globe is no small task – but using Rezdy’s appointment scheduling software will make doing business effortless.

Offering a self scheduling tool to your clients gives them 24/7 access to your business – making you available to everyone, everywhere. Using a user-friendly scheduling process, clients can easily navigate and book appointments all on their own.

With automated scheduling and payment processing, Rezdy takes the guesswork out of bookings, even while you’re asleep.

Keep your clients happy, no matter what time zone they are in. As business owners, you may need rest from time to time, but your tour operating business doesn’t.

<h2 style=Have more time to focus on what you love."/>

Have more time to focus on what you love.

There’s no need to waste your day on time consuming admin work – Rezdy can do that for you.

We know you love your job because you and your staff members get to do what makes you happy on a daily basis. However, running a tour operating business does require some hard work, which is why we’re here to help.

Use centralised and automated admin features to free up your time. Customise sales reports, set up automated booking confirmations for clients, access and manage bookings on the go.

Rezdy helps you cut down on administration work, so you can spend more time attending to clients in real-time, networking with like-minded people and growing your business instead.

Rezdy lets you save time, so you have more time to do what you love.

These are just a few of the easily configurable features that Rezdy’s Booking System offers. See how Rezdy can work for your business with our free trial today - you won’t regret it.

Our scheduling software keeps tour operators happy.

<h2 style=Dakota saw her bookings increased by 400%"/>

Dakota saw her bookings increased by 400%

– Malibu Wine Safaris

Dakota runs truly unique adventure tours that involve a safari experience through Malibu’s largest vineyard. However as business grew, Dakota found booking, scheduling and managing resources were posing as a challenge and holding him back.

Luckily, Rezdy helped Dakota overcome that challenge and soar. With easy set up, an intuitive user-friendly system and features that let you put admin tasks on autopilot, Malibu Wine Safaris saw their bookings increase by 400%.

Rezdy’s scheduling software ensured that Malibu Wine Safaris never overbooked and were never short-staffed, keeping them ahead in the game always. Dakota says that Rezdy is the ideal scheduling software for managing bookings online.

<h2 style=Wendy and Daniel cut 90% of their administration and paperwork"/>

Wendy and Daniel cut 90% of their administration and paperwork

– Sydney Photographic Workshops

They say that is makes their life so much easier. Rezdy improves their workflow, so they have more time to work on how they deliver their workshops.

Rezdy also has the Marketplace, which puts their business out there to hundreds of agents worldwide – even the big players in the market – making it much easier to gain access and network with new tour vendors and agents around the world.

Rezdy has helped Wendy and Daniel with their admin, marketing, booking, reporting and tracking their business – they wouldn’t hesitate recommending Rezdy to anyone.

<h2 style=Anne’s sailing business saw a 30% revenue increase"/>

Anne’s sailing business saw a 30% revenue increase

– Manly Sailing

Many Sailing offer all sorts of experiences from basic sails, to large-scale day trips for big groups. Before Rezdy, all their bookings were managed manually. But using pen and paper was setting them back. Rezdy’s booking software made scheduling tours easy.

Rezdy allows clients to make a decision fast. They can choose their experience, book it and receive a confirmation all in a short space of time. No need to make several phone calls, leave several messages or send hundreds of emails back and forth discussing prices and times – they can do all that from one user-friendly platform.

Anne believes this is why her bookings have increased and why her revenue continues to grow.

Visit our Success Stories page for more case studies like these and see just why our scheduling software is the key to happiness for tour operators around the world.

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<h2 style=Get more online bookings."/>

Get more online bookings.

Discover a seamless customised booking experience, that sets you apart from the rest. Discover more efficiency with an online booking system that is designed to let you take advantage of every opportunity.

<h2 style=Improve productivity. "/>

Improve productivity.

Discover a user friendly interface. Receive automated reports with insightful data about your business. Say goodbye to administration and paperwork. Rezdy lets you cut down on tedious tasks, so you can focus on your business.

<h2 style=Connect with people just like you."/>

Connect with people just like you.

Discover a networking platform that lets you connect with like-minded people who love what they do, just like you. Rezdy is more than just an easy scheduling system, giving you access to a unique marketplace where other tour operators can share, learn and grow together.

<h2 style=Skyrocket your ratings."/>

Skyrocket your ratings.

Discover even more positive reviews with TripAdvisor Review Express. When you sign up to Rezdy, clients will receive a simple email requesting a review after their experience booking with you, helping your tour operating business grow.

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Do you like coffee?

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