In order to grow their business and increase online bookings, tour and activity operators need to form relationships with travel agents from across the industry.

There are six types of agents that can benefit the business of tour operators and activity providers.

1. Independent travel agents

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Both offline and online travel agents want to customize the travel itineraries for their clients in order to include tours and activities that interest them.

By partnering with independent travel agents and using distribution technology like Rezdy, you can increase your online distribution and make it easy for agents to recommend your products.

In addition, independent agents can earn a commission between 15 and 25 percent for booking your activities.

2. Online travel agents

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Online travel agents rely on the convenience and ease of the Internet in order to create packages for their clients. Today, many travelers want to book travel packages that include not only transportation and accommodations, but also excursions, tours and activities.

By forming relationships with online travel agents, tour and activity operators can increase their online distribution. Through Rezdy’s online booking system, online travel agents can book with you directly and earn a commission at the same time.

3. Visitor information centres

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Travelers rely on these facilities in order to gain knowledge about local activities. Let the visitor information centre in your region that they can quickly and easily book your tours and activities online, and they will be more apt to recommend your products.

4. Hotel and concierge services


The role of the concierge has changed due to the rise in popularity of mobile technology, but concierges are still relied upon to provide personalized, local recommendations.

Tour providers should work with concierges in their region in order to let them know how convenient it is to book their tours. In addition, they will be pleased to know they will receive a fair commission for quickly booking with you.

5. Inbound tour operators

agents for tour operators

Inbound tour operators are considered experts in a given destination, and they are aware of the best tours and activities in any region. They recommend these excursions to their travel clients, so it’s important that you work with these agents in order to promote your products. They will be more apt to recommend reliable, exciting tours that are easy to reserve.

6. Global distribution systems


Online and offline agents will utilize global distribution systems in order to automatically reserve available tours and activities in a particular destination.

Working with global distribution systems, such as Amadeus and Sabre, will help you increase your online distribution and secure more bookings for your tours and activities. These systems prefer to work with tour providers who offer easy online booking for their activities and tours.


Now that you know who you can partner up with, here’s how you can partner up with them.


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