Adventure Emirates' website conversion rates increased by 50% after switching to Rezdy.

How A Boutique Tour Company in UAE Found Success With Rezdy

Adventure Emirates is a destination expert which stands to leverage inbound travelers to UAE. They are experts in providing a wide range of specialty desert tours, private tours, boat and yacht tours to curious travelers from all around the world. The key to success for them is a mixture of factors: premium back end technology ( including a fully mobile responsive website and the best instant booking system), constant innovation and a selection of the best-of-the-best tour and safari guides around.

R: Before you had Rezdy, what was your biggest challenge?

AE: All the traffic that was coming to the website wouldn’t convert into bookings. We were losing a lot of business because we didn’t have a “book now” option on the website. Everyone wanted to book online and very few people wanted to call and complete the booking over the phone.

R: What were the implications for your business if you hadn’t managed to fix this problem? How serious was it?  

AE: As a new tour company, who intends to gain more sales through online visitors, an advanced booking system is a must. At the very start we didn’t have any, so we’d end up with fewer bookings and little to no profit.

“As a new tour company, who intends to gain more sales through online visitors, an advanced booking system is a must.”

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R: Did you try to fix the problem in other ways before you settled on using Rezdy? If so, what were they?  

AE: We initially tried to customize Woo commerce as our booking system. We ended up spending a lot of time with the web developer to understand what was going on. It would cater to specific sorts of online retail sites but not help a tour company manage and sell tour products efficiently.

R: You settled on Rezdy in particular as a solution to your problems. What drove this decision?

AE: We settled on Rezdy because of its easy back-end that any average person can understand and manage. Another reason was that the website booking widget looks modern and appealing. And lastly, our reservation staff were impressed with the manifest feature.



R: What do you love most about Rezdy?

AE: We love that Rezdy communicates with a clear, easy to understand language, so as a team they’re easy to work with. The support team is great. They really take the time to work with you and understand your needs. They genuinely want to help and see your business succeed and get more sales.

We’re also loving the fact that we have access to the Marketplace where we can now advertise and sell our products to a new worldwide audience.

R: Since deploying Rezdy, what have been the results? Can you point to specific measurable financial benefits you can share with us?

“The conversion rates on our website have soared by 40-50%.”

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AE: The conversion rates on our website have soared by 40-50 % since we’ve deployed Rezdy. We’ve thrown away all of our booking sheets, books and most of our admin labor and are now saving 20 hours a week on those tasks. Accordingly, our overall revenue has increased by 50% as well.

What’s also notable is that we’ve reduced the booking window for each tour that we sell. We’re finally starting to capture and capitalize on those last minute bookings.


“We’re finally starting to capture and capitalize on those last minute bookings.”

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R: What would you say to other businesses in your sector thinking of trying Rezdy?

AE: Most of the companies in UAE, some of which are our partners, still follow the old school style of reservation. Because of this, they’re probably missing out on at least 2 bookings a day, or end up rushing their drivers and guides to the tours in the last minute because their system is poorly organized. They should all definitely be switching to Rezdy.

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