The GDS — also known as a Global Distribution System — is an integral online system for tour and activity providers.

By partnering with a GDS, you become a part of a vast network that allows travel suppliers to gain access to your rates and availability information.

Online travel agents will use a GDS in order to discover the best discounts and the most interesting tours and activities that are available in a destination, and incorporate them into a package for their clients.

You should note that you can only connect with one GDS provider, so it’s important to know the various systems that are available.

Here’s   our 2 picks for GDS providers:

1. Amadeus


About the Company

Amadeus is one of the largest GDS providers, and its expansive marketplace allows OTAs to access rate and availability information for thousands of travel suppliers around the globe.

Its headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain, and its central database is in Erding, Germany.

How it Works

Once you decide to work with Amadeus, your central reservation system is linked to the Amadeus GDS.

Then, you are included in the marketplace and online travel agents can instantly view your real-time availability and make bookings immediately with your company. Your tour and activity company will have a profile complete with local language descriptions, photos and descriptions.

2. Sabre


About the Company

Sabre is another major marketplace that is used by approximately 400,000 travel agents worldwide.

There are thousands of travel suppliers that utilize Sabre and connect with OTAs, including 200 tour operators. The company is based out of Southlake, Texas in the United States.

How it Works

When you connect with Sabre, you are able to distribute your tour and activity availability and information to thousands of OTAs who are working to provide their customers with valuable and exciting travel packages.

Sabre provides its suppliers with relevant data regarding their business, allowing them to grow and develop their company accordingly. In addition, it offers a mobile platform that allows end users to price, compare and book their travel.



Connecting with a GDS provider is one of the best ways to effortlessly increase your online distribution and gain access to thousands upon thousands of potential customers.

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