Become China Ready

Become a Chinese outbound market expert

Become China Ready

Everything you need to know to prepare your business for Chinese visitors.

Are you thinking about attracting Chinese visitors to your tour or activity? There’s no better resource to get you started than Rezdy’s newest ebook: Get China Ready.

Together with one of our partners, Haiwan, we’ve aggregated the latest trends and insights into Chinese tourists’ buying behavior, habits and preferences. Delve deep into the data to discover the best ways to market and prepare your products for the booming Chinese outbound market.

Download this e-book to learn:

  • Who are the Chinese travelers and what are their preferences?
  • The newest trends on changing behaviors of Chinese tourists
  • How to attract Chinese travelers to your tour or activity
  • Best practices on how to prepare your business for┬áthe influx of Chinese tourists.


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